We wanted to find a quiet place, away from the noise, the stress and pollution of the city, a place that gives us the chance to have a lot of contact with nature and where we could be able to integrate ourselves with the communities and their culture. A magical place that could give us unforgettable experiences, this is how we decided on the Colombian Pacific Region, a fantastic destination like Bahia Solano, in Choco. 

Our city of origin was Cartago, to the north of the department of Valle del Cauca, but there is a chance to take flights from Bogota, Medellin and Cali. 

After starting our 45 minutes, crossing the immense Choco jungle, we arrived at our destination, Bahía Solano. 

We arrived to one of the most beautiful places in Colombia, where the Jungle meets the sea and its beaches do not invite us to be ecstatic, its landscape manages to stimulate all our senses and take us through a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Bahía Solano is one of the most bio diverse regions on the planet, the lung of the world, where nature can be seen everywhere and the wonders of life are in all its details. It is an ecosystem of tropical rain forest.

Inhabited by black communities for the most part, thriving, happy, talkative people whose joy is evident in the way they speak and relate to others. Towards the inner part of the Jungle we will not find indigenous communities. The most recognized ones are the Embera Chamí. These communities develop activities of subsistence, agriculture and fishing, both river and sea. River fishing is very common in the area and at a greater scale among indigenous people, while black communities carry out marine fishing at a greater extensive way.

Being in Bahía Solano means living peacefully, free from the consumer society, the modern world, pollution and noise. Here, you will be disconnected from everything, your body and spirit will only be connected to nature at its best.


Geographical coordinates:

Latitude: 6.21701

Longitude: -77.3948

Latitude: 6° 13′ 1” North

Longitude: 77° 23′ 41” West

Population: 8785 inhabitants 

Demonym: Solaneño-a


Gastronomy: Many varieties of fish preparation, cheese rice, yucca juice, shredded fish, cheese soup, three meat soup, Cucas, Borojo mourning, pineapple juice, yucca dessert, Rucha and other delicious preparations. 


What to do in Bahia Solano?


There are some activities you cannot miss. 


Whale watching.


As it is customary from mid-July to mid-October, the Colombian Pacific Sea is visited by a group of 1,500 to 2,000 humpback whales from the southern hemisphere on a migration from the Pole, which takes them to travel approximately 8.000 km. These whales please some privileged sectors of Colombia, such as Bahía Solano, with their spectacle.

Scientists, tourists and natives enjoy in Bahía Solano the passage of humpback whales (Yubarta) through the calm and deep waters where mating takes place and their young babies are born. An unforgettable experience that you can enjoy from the beach; however, the hotels offer trips by comfortable boats for a maximum of 10 people, for closer sightings. These consist of trips of 2 hours to 2 hours and a half to look for the different groups of whales and to be able to enjoy their presence.


Sport fishing in Bahia Solano


 “In 1994, the famous North American magazine, Marlin, specialized in sport fishing, reviewed Bahia Solano in the Pacific as the fourth best sport fishing area in the world”

Catch and release; It is the tradition of fishermen between experts and amateurs who generally visit the region, seduced by fish such as tuna, sierra wahoo and dorado, which are found in the waters of Bahía Solano all year round, the seasons of bill fish such as Sailing and Marlin are between April and June. Artisanal fishing and deep-sea fishing are the modalities that you can enjoy and, for this activity, you have at your disposal, wooden or fiberglass boats with outboard motors, equipment and specialized native staff.


Diving in Bahia Solano 


In Bahía Solano , the shipwreck of Sebastían de Belalcazar is placed, a historic Colombian navy ship, sunk with the purpose of creating an artificial reef to promote fauna and the creation of coral reefs. Additionally, within Bahia de Solano you can find more than 8 diving spots, which you can enjoy throughout the year. Rays, moray eels, sharks and huge schools of different species of fishes are some of the underwater wonders that can be found.


Nabuga Waterfall. 


45 minutes away from the hotel, by boat, is Nabugá beach. After walking for about 15 minutes along a path in the middle of the jungle, where you can see butterflies of fascinating colors, exotic frogs and birds, the landscape opens up to deliver an imposing waterfall, approximately 36 meters high, an ideal natural setting for bathing and enjoying of the fresh water that comes directly from the jungle. Returning to the beach, you can complete the experience with a sea bath in one of the best beaches in the area. 

(Total tour time 4 hours. Low difficulty)


Chado River.


After a pleasant 45-minute trip to the south, you will arrive at the 2 sides of the Chadó River. You will have an amazing experience, enjoying the waters of the river, between rocks, trails, roofs of vegetation, a waterfall crowns. The visit and a natural pool lends itself to receive visitors. On the way back, lunch on the beach will get you ready for the rest of the adventure, going through the other side of the river, where nature has an unparalleled natural spectacle for you. (Tour duration 7 hours. Medium difficulty)



Walks to La Playa de los Deseos:


In Bahia Solano all the paths that leave the beach take you to enjoy the beautiful nearby jungle: On the path that leads to La Playa de los Deseos, we will climb the mountain, appreciating gigantic trees, different species of butterflies and birds. At the end of the trail, we find a beach on the open sea where we appreciate the Pacific Ocean in all its immensity with its big waves. (Total tour duration 4 hours, medium-high difficulty). The time to have this tour will depend on the low tide time during the day it is performed, so it can be in the morning after breakfast or in the afternoon after lunch.



Walks to Juna Rivers: 


The water wealth of the Colombian Pacific allows us to enjoy many rivers a short distance from the beaches. Near the Huina beach, where the Playa de Oro Lodge is located, we find the Juná stream, which we can reach after walking for half an hour along a totally flat path, observing different species of fauna and flora. The stream creates a small natural Jacuzzi in which we can take a bath in fresh water to relax. (Total duration of the tour 1 hour and a half. Low difficulty).



El Chocolatal Waterfall:


After a 15-minute boat ride, we will return from the hotel to the urban center of Bahia Solano, where we will walk along El Chocolatal River, until we find its imposing waterfall of about 15 meters. There, you can take a relaxing bath and enjoy the natural massage that it offers. The fall of water, on the way back from the waterfall we can take a short tour of the urban area of ​​Bahia Solano to get to know a traditional Chocoano town and appreciate its handicrafts. (Total duration of the tour 4 hours, medium difficulty).



Visit to the municipality of Valle:


The municipality of Valle and its Cuevita and Almejal beaches, is one of the most touristic places in Bahía Solano. To get there from Playa de Oro, it is necessary to return by boat. It is located 15 minutes away from the urban center of Bahía Solano and then take a bike-car or a Chiva for 45 minutes to Valle. Once there, there are many activities to do: walk for 45 minutes along a path in the jungle to reach the Tundó River and then float down the river or paddle a canoe (approximately 2.5 hours). From July to January it is possible to participate in the release of newborn sea turtles or simply get to know the streets of the municipality. Enjoy its two extensive beaches and enjoy the local cuisine. (Duration 9 hours, low difficulty).



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Whales watching 

Whales watching in Bahia Solano 

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