Plan Bogotá And The Coffee Axis 7 Days, 6 Nights



6 days

Tour Type


In Bogota “The South American Athens”, this plan includes:

  • Transportation in/out from the airport to the hotel.
  • 2 nights stay at hotels and hostels. Breakfasts are included.
  • Tour to Zipaquira Cathedral, which is the first declared Colombian Wonder; it is an old salt mine, that was transformed into a church and represents the perfect relationship between men’s creations, nature wonders and God. In this tour, visitors will have the chance to walk through the tunnels and get to know the great salt stations of the Way Of The Cross, and them, go to the deepest part of the church. In addition, it will be possible to see the dome and the one of the tallest crosses of the church (15 meters high). Additionally, visitors will enjoy a great typical Colombian lunch, and after that, enjoy a walk around the streets and houses of the city of Zipaquira. Colonial architecture, colorful streets, main central point and surroundings will be experienced.
  • This tour includes Transportation from Bogota, access to the Salt Cathedral, touristic guidance and walking around the historic center of Zipaquira (Plaza de los comuneros and the historical center). Passengers have to get to the meeting place and come back to the hotel on their own.

Length:  From 6 to 7 hours.

In the Coffee Axis “Coffee Cultural Landscape”, this plan includes:

  • Transportation in/out from the airport to the hotel.
  • Three nights stay at typical farms and urban hotels.
  • Healthy day in hot springs.
  • Going around towns: This plan has been designed for our visitors to get to know some colorful and magical towns, their customs and gastronomy. We will also visit Cocora Valley, home to the Colombian National Tree, The Wax Tree, were people can see the tallest palm trees in the world. It is also the door to Los Nevados National Natural Park. It is going to be a great plan, full of contact with nature and Coffee culture, which was declared Human Heritage by UNESCO.

This plan includes: Transportation, visit to Cocora Valley and bilingual guide.

Length: From 6 to 8 hours.

  • Tour in a Coffee Farm to witness and live the process of coffee. Length of tour 4 to 5 hours approximately.

Include / Exclude

  • Domestic flights: Bogota – Coffee Axis – Bogota.
  • Night stays at hotels. Farm hotels and hostels.
  • Breakfasts are included.
  • Souvenir of the trip
  • Medical assistance
  • Permanent assistance from our company.
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Not specified services

Tour Plan

  • Arrival to the city of Bogota
  • First night in Bogota
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Start of the tour of Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira (Passengers will take their baggage). This tour includes transportation by a private vehicle and guide.
  • Arrival to the hotel (Visitors will get to the hotel by their own)
  • Second night in Bogota
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check-out from the hotel (passengers will take their baggage)
  • Domestic flight in the afternoon or at night Bogota – Coffee Axis
  • Check-in at Coffee Farm
  • First night in the Coffee Axis.
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Third night in the Coffee Axis.
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Plan going around towns, getting to know some typical towns of the region, such as Filandia, Salento and Cocora Valley.
  • Fourth night in the Coffee Axis.
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check-out from the hotel (passengers will take their baggage)
  • Tour in a Coffee Farm to live and witness the process of coffee
  • Domestic flight Coffee Axis - Bogota
  • Third night in Bogota
  • End of the plan
  • Hotels chosen for this plan are 3 and 4 stars hotels and hostels. We have also picked farms that display great quality in terms of services and accommodation.
  • The itineraries and the orders in which cities will be visited can vary at some point due to reasons we probably cannot control, but the plan will be completely finished.
  • This is a suggested itinerary. This could vary at some point, without removing anything from it.
  • If any circumstances, such as public order problems, this plan might be replaced.
  • Hotels chosen for this plan are high quality ones. Besides, according to the destination some of them could be typical hostels.
  • This plan includes American-type breakfast at the hotels and hostels. If any of the programs includes lunch, these ones will be offered by our operators (Not menus to be chosen, but they have already been established, and, if someone wishes to eat something different, it must be paid by the visitor). The first and last day of the tour do not include breakfast, also, if the time of flights and breakfast match. The visitors will pay breakfasts in the airports.
  • Some domestic flights will be at night or in the early morning, so visitors can take advantage of the time and enjoy the whole day.
  • Travel breakfasts will be: bread, jam, cheese, juice and a fruit.
  • Some of the plans we have created for you might be private or with more visitors. Visitors will have to go to the meeting place by their own. In some of these plans, our providers might offer guidance, which will be for a complete group of people.
  • The plans that have been included in this tour will be shared with some more groups, which means that transportation might also be shared.
  • For domestic flights, visitors will be able to carry a 20 kg luggage and a personal item, which cannot have rollers and can be up to 8 kg. If, by any chance, visitors bring more weight than that, the extra fee has to be paid by them.
  • It is important to take into account that Colombia is a developing country, also diverse, that has many limitations that can cause some changes od cancelations because of things we can’t control, such as strikes, road or airport closures because of government decisions, environmental or weather affections. We are not responsible if any cancellations occur, reason why, this will not be paid back to consumers.
  • Visitors will have to pay over coasts in the cases of penalties or changes made by them. Flight cancelations will not be responsibility of the company.
  • Due to security reasons, the travelers will have to follow all the indications from the guides and we will not be responsible for things that may occur if visitors decide not to follow these rules.

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