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Sustainability Policy

We are a travel agency with a huge compromise with the Colombian development, with the ideal and professional staff, that promotes a community tourism, Eco-tourism and Agro-tourism, that respects shows the natural and cultural heritage of each region of the country, that promotes, with clients, providers and employees, good environmental and cultural practices; likewise, we support the economical growth, generating job opportunities with the locals and seeking the satisfaction of our clients. Furthermore, we are completely against sexual abuse and exploitation any human being.

Our business model is based on a series of ethical, sustainable and responsible principles towards the clients, employees, providers, stockholders, the society and the environment. As a company we promote:
  • The conservation of the environment, the culture and traditions of the destination, developing responsible practices that support its sustainability
  • We support the merchandising and sales of projects that have to do with community tourism in am ecologic and socio-cultural level, by including them into our service offerings, along with a fair payment.
  • We push and support social action projects that generate a shared value to the society at a long-term level.
  • We help institutions, organizations and forums that promote cultural conservation and awareness.
  • We train our staff on topics related to touristic sustainability.
  • Offer high quality services and products that are eco-friendly and socially responsible.
  • Selection of providers that promote good practices, focused on the development of the sustainable tourism
  • Support local communities, hiring services offered by local workers from every region.
  • Promote with our employees, clients and providers, the concepts of sustainability with all the things that have to do with the company.